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Hi! I’m Dallas, an 8-year Navy Veteran. I began my diving career in Hawaii, where I  met my wife Allison. She worked at the dive shop on base and introduced to me to  Scuba Diving.

I’ve always been comfortable with and drawn to the ocean. I find it to be a perfect  blend of peace and adrenaline. I found myself craving the rush of free-dive spear fishing and immediately fell in love with it.

After my navy career ended, I decided I wanted to pursue a Scuba Instructor career. I  love the process of improvement, and I enjoy teaching—that was my job as a lead  aircraft mechanic in the navy, working on P3 Orion’s.

I graduated from a boot camp-like dive school called Hall’s, located in Marathon, FL. Fourteen weeks of everyday diving, studying, and giving presentations. It was  extremely rigorous. Halls empowered me to be a phenomenal Scuba Teacher, and  because of Halls, I’m well-equipped to help new divers conquer fears and overcome  obstacles that can accompany learning how to dive.

With my background, knowledge, and experience, I look forward to teaching you how  to Scuba Dive! I’d be honored to get Scuba Diving off your bucket list with  our Open Water Course, or guide you in improving your skills with Advanced Courses.

With my background, knowledge, and experience, I have assembled a team of enthusiastic dive professionals who together are making this dream come true. I have also partnered with two dive charters, 2Shea Fishing/Diving and Tanks-A-Lot to make your boat dives unforgettable. We also sell Huish Outdoors, a full line of premium dive gear including Atomic, Zeagle, Hollis, Oceanic, Bare, Suunto, and Stahlsac! We look forward to marking Scuba Diving off your bucket list with our Open Water Course, improving your skills with Advanced Courses and diving together in group trips.


Certifications That i teach

Give Scuba Diving a test ride in the pool, and Experience the wonders of breathing underwater without committing to a lengthy class. This is an experience that you’ll never forget!

This class includes: Open Water Certification E-Learning, Nitrox Certification E-Learning, in person instruction, dive fees and rental gear (including tanks). There is a nominal reschduling fee for group classes. No rescheduling fee for private instruction.


Congratulations on achieving your Open Water Certification! You have graduated to the class of divers considered competent to engage in higher level open water diving activities such as; deep diving, low visibility/night diving, buoyancy control and navigation. Your instructor will prepare you with the skills you need and train you to completely master the techniques.


Never pulled a trigger before but want to give it a try or start a new hobby? We will teach you! We truly enjoy watching our clients improve their abilities in a sport that takes time to get good. Most companies want nothing to do with you, but we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. We would rather you learn the proper way to Spearfish then go in it alone somewhere else. Our instruction is fantastic and will teach your gun safety, etiquette and then how to shoot legal fish. You do not need a gun as one is provided when you take a class with us. All spearfishing requires you to already have your dive certification and you must be comfortable in the water with good buoyancy. Please bring your card with you to the dock on your first outing. We only give out spear guns when you take the class.


NAUI Nitrox Diver is a must have specialty course. This course teaches you how to dive with higher oxygen mixtures to extend bottom time and decrease surface time, among many other benefits. You will learn about equipment requirements, configuring your dive computer, and analyzing the gas in your tank.

and many more...

We offer many more certifications through NAUI. Below is a list of all of the courses that we are currently certified to teach, but check in with you if you don’t see what you’re looking for, chances are we just missed it.

Adaptive Scuba Diver

Advanced Open Water Scuba Diver

Advanced Rescue Scuba Diver

Assistant Instructor

Deep Diver


Divermaster Crossover

Experienced Scuba Diver


International Diver

Introduction to Scuba

Master Scuba Diver

Night & Limited Visibility


Open Water Scuba Diver

Refresher Scuba

Rescue Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver

Search & Recovery Diver

Skin Diving Instructor

Training Assistant

Try Scuba Diving

Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Digital Imaging Diver

Underwater Hunting & Collecting

Underwater Naturalist

Wreck Diver (External Survey)


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