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Epic Diving, FL is comprised of a team of dive professionals that not only have a passion for being underwater, but also teaching others how to Scuba dive, safely, and helping to preserve the oceans that we love so much.

Our first objective is to create educated, disciplined, and skilled divers. Second to instructions is our passion for keeping diving fun and safe. Part of safe diving is understanding and practicing conservation.

Whether you are looking for a Try Scuba day, want to start on your Open Water, or you’re ready to take the leap into starting your Divemaster training, visit our Classes, call us, or email us to get started today.

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Here at Epic Diving Florida, we pride ourselves on building confidence and fully equipping our students to take on exciting adventures and new challenges. Our mission is to lead ocean lovers into the depths of a journey like no other with an emphasis on education, safety and the conservation of our beautiful oceans. Join us for the experience of a lifetime and learn from the best then dive with the rest.


Certifications That We Offer

Give Scuba Diving a test ride in the pool, and Experience the wonders of breathing underwater without committing to a lengthy class. This is an experience that you’ll never forget!

This class includes: Open Water Certification E-Learning, Nitrox Certification E-Learning, in person instruction, dive fees and rental gear (including tanks). There is a nominal reschduling fee for group classes. No rescheduling fee for private instruction.


Congratulations on achieving your Open Water Certification! You have graduated to the class of divers considered competent to engage in higher level open water diving activities such as; deep diving, low visibility/night diving, buoyancy control and navigation. Your instructor will prepare you with the skills you need and train you to completely master the techniques.


Never pulled a trigger before but want to give it a try or start a new hobby? We will teach you! We truly enjoy watching our clients improve their abilities in a sport that takes time to get good. Most companies want nothing to do with you, but we understand that everyone has to start somewhere. We would rather you learn the proper way to Spearfish then go in it alone somewhere else. Our instruction is fantastic and will teach your gun safety, etiquette and then how to shoot legal fish. You do not need a gun as one is provided when you take a class with us. All spearfishing requires you to already have your dive certification and you must be comfortable in the water with good buoyancy. Please bring your card with you to the dock on your first outing. We only give out spear guns when you take the class.


NAUI Nitrox Diver is a must have specialty course. This course teaches you how to dive with higher oxygen mixtures to extend bottom time and decrease surface time, among many other benefits. You will learn about equipment requirements, configuring your dive computer, and analyzing the gas in your tank.


What People Are Saying

Dallas is a great instructor! I’ve known him a short while but makes me feel so comfortable when diving. I’m signing up for my advanced with him and can’t wait to continue my education on diving!

Thank you so much Dallas

Kassandra Baldwin

I highly recommend using Epic Diving, FL! We had a great dive today with Dallas. It had been three years since my family and I had dove and Dallas helped us pick it right back up. He did a skills refresher that was thorough and taught with confidence. In addition to checking every bit of our gear and process, he made sure we knew how to do it for the next time we dive. In all of my previous dives, I’d been very nervous, using a lot of air while hyperventilating at first and having trouble equalizing. I have to say, by far, this dive was the most calm one I’ve had and that credit goes to Dallas. Thanks again for an awesome trip and I look forward to more in the future!

Kristen Keefer

I have to say I was a little skeptic when my teenage daughter told me she wanted to take scuba diving lessons. But having found Dallas and seeing how amazing he was with his students left my mind and heart at ease. My daughter unfortunately had a slight panic attack during her first day, I found out that Dallas had talk to her down and was so kind and compassionate about it he got her through a really tough time. I can never let this young man know how grateful I am for his kindness and his teaching techniques and helping my daughter go through something that she really wanted to do but tried to back out of. I highly recommend Epic Diving and Dallas

Suzanne Griglia Henry


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