Scuba Diving Classes & Certifications

Beginner Scuba Certification Course

Ready to experience the world under the sea? Dive in with your Beginner Scuba Course – a fantastic journey awaits!

Advanced Scuba Certification Course

Broaden your horizons by earning your Advanced certification. This comprehensive course is designed for divers looking to expand their knowledge and enhance their recreational experience.

Spearfishing Class

Unleash your inner hunter! A spearfishing course is the perfect way to bring home a fresh fish dinner after a day of diving.

Nitrox Certification Course

Enjoy expanded no-decompression limits, shorter surface intervals and lower risk for decompression sickness.

Perfect Buoyancy Class

Feel confidant underwater and take your scuba skills up a notch when you complete the Perfect Buoyancy Class!

Photography Class

Bring your underwater experiences to the surface. A photography class will polish your dive skills and expand your knowledge of underwater cameras and shooting.

Rescue Diver Certification Course

Go beyond the basics and gain essential skills for safely aiding divers in distress!

Diving First Aid for the Professional Certification Course

Despite all the best training and planning, sometimes the unexpected happens. The Diving First Aid for the Dive Professional will prepare you to respond in the unlikely event of a diving emergency or accident.

Try Scuba Adventure

Not convinced Scuba diving is right for you? Spend a couple hours at the pool and take your first breath underwater. By the end of the day you will know whether or not this exciting activity will become your newest passion.